Children’s Books

Lizzie and the Flying Yoga Mat

Lizzie is just your average girl, but her yoga mat takes her on unexpected adventures!

Lizzie and the Flying Yoga Mat combines magic with holistic education as Lizzie’s adventures inspire her to teach easy, fun yoga poses to all her readers.  Plus, it also serves as a coloring book so your child may add their own creative vision to the pages of this fun and educational tale.

A portion of the proceeds from Lizzie and the Flying Yoga Mat are donated to the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Richmond in honor of my niece and trisomy 21 angel, Orlagh.

Join Lizzie and her family and become a magical yogi today!

Dragon Eyes

Char Lo Mein is a wise and compassionate dragon who presides over and protects the village of Tuking. As the years pass, his scales begin to flake off, his bones turn brittle, and he knows he must soon find someone who can replace him as the village guardian. Out of all the villagers, the wise old dragon chooses Chou Ling—a ten-year-old girl.

Chou Ling is already highly skilled in the art of judo, but Char Lo Mein sees something even more important when he looks at her—a pure heart. Reminding her of his teachings about peace, love, and compassion, the dying dragon advises Chou Ling on how important it is to choose the way of love to heal the world and protect the people he’s leaving in her care. But when the dragon is gone—she’ll still just be a ten-year-old girl, only this time she’ll be alone. Did Char Lo Mein choose the right person? Can Chou Ling fulfill her promise?

Written like an Asian folktale, Dragon Eyes gently exposes children to the concept of death while also teaching them the important, and surprising, lesson that love is more powerful than violence.