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Are You Destined for a Career in Wellness Too?

Perhaps that’s a question you’ve been pondering for a little while or maybe you’re really digging the holistic-minded vibes of this website and are asking yourself that question right now.

Well, guess what? The answer is probably yes because what you’re drawn to is what you’re meant to do.

But here’s how to know for sure.

  • You really, really, really want to have a career you’re passionate about every day
  • You’ve become the go-to “wellness friend” in your social circles or “wellness helper” in your family
  • You sometimes find yourself spending hours reading article after article on MindBodyGreen, Well+Good, or a fave  wellness blog
  • You get excited when you find a new healthy smoothie recipe to try out in your Vitamix
  • You’re always inspired by integrative wellness practitioners and have piles of their books on your nightstand
  • You feel deep down in your soul that you’re meant to help others be healthier, happier, and more self-aware
  • You’ve always felt drawn to personal development and instinctively seek out resources to make you a better person
  • You’ve been struggling with a health issue of your own and want to figure out a way to heal it naturally
  • Or you’ve just got a gut feeling that the health and wellness industry is where you should be

No matter where you may land on that list of bullets, it’s no coincidence that you’ve landed here on this very page right now.

Because I used to ask myself the same question.

I was struggling with career satisfaction and searching for something that made me feel more lit up, purposeful, and on the right path.

Everything changed for me when I stumbled upon the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) years ago. Being on their website gave me a full-bodied “yes,” and I just knew this school was what I’d been searching for.

I was right.

In fact, enrolling in IIN’s health coach training program changed my life. The nutrition knowledge I gained not only allowed me to reverse my Fibromyalgia symptoms completely within 6 months, but to also discover my true calling in life. To be a health coach, an author, and a resource for women on this planet to find their path to wellness too.

fruits and veggies

About IIN, the World’s Leading Nutrition School

So why is IIN so freaking special? I’ll tell you.

1.     It’s a completely virtual learning experience. Meaning you can watch lectures, complete assignments, and enjoy every bit of content from the convenience of your laptop, iPhone, or iPad.

2.     The teachers are some of the top wellness experts on the planet. From Andrew Weil MD to Deepak Chopra MD, Mark Hyman MD, Arianna Huffington, Mehmet Oz MD, and many more.

3.     The curriculum is super diverse and interactive. IIN teaches over 150 dietary theories and invites students to test out their own eating preferences along the way.

4.     They invite you to an amazing annual conference. This two-day experience allows you to not only connect with fellow students, but also to experience teachers live. It’s magical, trust me.

5.     The community is brilliant. IIN students and graduates are some of the most motivated, heart-centered, and inspiring people in the world. Every you connect with will feel like a long lost friend. There are over 100,000 students and graduates from around the world!

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The Curriculum

Part 1: Nutrition

Explore nutrition concepts like Bio-individuality, Dietary Theories, Primary Food, Deconstructing Cravings and nutrition science like autoimmune disorders, digestive health, thyroid health; hormone health, and more.

Part 2: Coaching

Learn key coaching strategies like active listening, high mileage questioning, and client care so that you can inspire clarity and health habits to everyone you work with.

Part 3: Business

Learn the essentials to launching and building your coaching business with a website, business cards, and management to ensure you enter into your entrepreneurial journey prepared.

Feeling all the feels about IIN?

Download the curriculum guide (by clicking on the image below) so that you can get all of the juicy details now. And if you decide to enroll, be sure to mention my name—Liz Palmieri—when you speak with an admission advisor to ensure you receive a special scholarship that will save you money on tuition.

Yes, please, right?

become a health coach